General Rules

Our rules at Ütia de Börz

1. Introduction

The internal rules of the Ütia de Börz Alpine Hotel are for the benefit of all guests staying there. The rules set out the obligations arising from the guest code of conduct and regulate the use of the hotel's facilities.

Entering the hotel implies acceptance of and full compliance with these rules, which may be supplemented with other rules that management deems appropriate in order to improve the operation of the hotel and/or the safety of guests. The hotel staff is obliged to ensure that these rules are observed and to notify the management of any violation. Failure to comply with the rules by hotel visitors will constitute sufficient grounds for their expulsion.

The price list and the General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the rules.

2. Registration of guests

On arrival, guests must report to the reception desk for registration. When registering, guests must produce valid identity documents of all individuals intending to stay at the hotel and declare any animals in their possession.

The number of persons booked (adults - children - babies) must comply with the number communicated by the customer at the time of booking. If it exceeds the number communicated, additional rates in accordance with the price list will be applied, subject to availability.

Before leaving the hotel, guests must notify their departure and settle the accounts for the services provided. Accounts may only be settled during reception opening hours.

3. Lost property

Guests are requested to collect their documents on the same day they are deposited. The management declines any responsibility for forgotten documents. Forgotten documents or objects may be sent to the owner by courier service, and the shipping costs shall be borne by the recipient.

4. Safekeeping of personal belongings and liability in the event of accidents in the hotel

Anyone finding lost items in the hotel must hand them over to the management.

5. Protection of the hotel environment

  • Smoking is prohibited in the hotel premises, i.e. all common areas including the rooms (Art. 51 Law no. 3 of 16/01/03 and DCPM 23/12/03).
  • Alcohol consumption: We kindly remind our guests that it is not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into the breakfast room. This rule aims to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all our guests. Any violations may result in intervention by the staff and could be subject to penalties.
  • Please note that non-compliance with this rule will result in a penalty ranging from 50 to 100 euros, depending on the severity of the violation. This amount covers the costs of cleaning, deodorizing, and restoring the environment in case of smoking prohibition violation.

6. Safety study

The hotel has equipment and fire extinguishers: their use by guests is mandatory in the event of fire and/or other emergency situations.

No open fires are to be lit.

7. Accompanying pets

Pets are welcome at Ütia de Börz!

Out of respect for other guests and for common rules of hygiene, please observe the following rules:

  • Pets are allowed with prior notification at the time of booking (only in private rooms, not allowed in dormitory);
  • The cost of their stay is € 15.00 per night per animal, due to a more thorough cleaning;
  • We request that you bring a blanket or the animal's bed, and we ask you not to let them climb on beds, chairs, tables;
  • It is strictly forbidden to place animals on beds, chairs, tables, etc;
  • In hotel, animals must be kept on a leash or in a special cage, and under the control of their owners;
  • Pets must be accompanied outside the hotel for their own needs, using the appropriate equipment (dustpan and bag);
  • Animals may not be left alone in the rooms;
  • Animals are allowed to access to the restaurant. They are not allowed in the breakfast room, but breakfast can be served at the restaurant;
  • The pet must be accustomed to living in the house to avoid disturbing other guests;
  • We request that you be adequately equipped to ensure the well-being of your pet and request that you have a surface blanket or your own bed to use in the room;
  • The animal must be kept on a leash during walks as per official regulations.
  • Upon request, owners must be able to produce a health certificate for their animal.
  • Owners will be solely responsible for any damage caused to third parties by animals.

8. Other rules

All infectious diseases must be reported to the management immediately.

 Guests must notify the staff at reception of any defects or malfunctions affecting the facilities and equipment or any breaches of the rules of conduct.

9. Consequences of non-compliance with the hotel rules

Guests must strictly comply with all provisions of the regulations.

In the event of a clear violation of the rules, the management may immediately expel all guests who commit such a violation.

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