Aisciöda – Spring at Passo delle Erbe

The awakening of nature in the Dolomites

Spring is the season of nature's rebirth, of visibly longer days and warmer sunshine rays. In the Dolomites it is a time of peace and tranquillity, when to enjoy the last snow-shoe excursions and the first hiking tours, the blossoming flora and the explosion of nature's colours and fragrances. When the winter is over, Passo delle Erbe finally reopens in both directions, signalling the start of the hiking, walking and biking season.

The Odle (Dolomites) in spring

The days grow longer and the warmth of the sun increases with each passing day, getting rid of the snow and of the remnants of the passing winter. The blossoming flora and the reawakening fauna start attracting the trekkers who have waited all this time for the good weather to return. The walking trails cleared of the snow await eager walkers, hikers and excursionists.

The woods and meadows are ready to be explored again in silence and contemplation. Spring also signals the reopening of the western side of Passo delle Erbe, making it once again accessible from Valle Isarco. Thus slowly begins the season of excursions and treks initially along the meadows and forests, perhaps with the help of snowshoes in the first weeks, and then up to the highest peaks as the last snow finally melts away.


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