Ütia de Börz mountain hut

Your retreat in the Dolomites


"A mountain hut is a building located high in the mountains, usually far away from human settlements and intended to give hospitality to climbers and trekkers."

Over the years, the Ütia de Börz mountain hut has been renovated and upgraded with services that have turned it into a hotel while leaving unaltered the ancient charm typical of these alpine buildings. The stone pine, the prestigious wood that grows throughout the area, is the main furnishing element that gives the structure a special fragrance. The architectural style of the building is also unique.

And then ... there are also the stories linked to the Ütia de Börz mountain hut, to its managers, to the locals and to the many wayfarers who over time have crossed the Alps. These stories are the roots of this wonderful place and are embedded in the walls of the Ütia de Börz mountain hut.

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