Cross-country skiing at Passo delle Erbe

Cross-country skiing is the oldest form of skiing, practised for centuries by the Sami people in Scandinavia, and is also one of the healthiest and most complete sports in general.

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Trails for beginners and experts in the Dolomite landscapes

With the arrival of the winter months, the green summer meadows of the Passo delle Erbe are covered in a white snow cover. With the snowcat, they are properly groomed and prepared for cross-country skiing enthusiasts.

There are two tracks that can be covered, starting directly from Ütia de Börz, at an altitude of over 2,000 m. Approximately 18 km of tracks immersed in surreal peace and quiet and surrounded by Dolomite landscapes with views of Sass de Pütia and the Odle Group.


The Roda de Börz at the foot of Sass de Pütia.

The Roda de Börz is an easy loop trail of approximately 3.4 km that takes you to the foot of the imposing Sass de Pütia. It is also suitable for beginners and is ideal for enjoying the winter landscape and crisp air. It can be covered in about 1h 20' and you will enjoy views from Plan de Corones to Plose, Monte Muro and Costaces.

Cross-country ski run Börz - Halslhütte (for experienced cross-country skiers)

Of medium difficulty is the track that starts from our hut in the direction of Val di Funes, a 16 km long track to the Halslhütte hut. This is the first section of the road leading to Val di Funes/Brixen, which is closed to traffic in winter and used as a cross-country skiing trail.

On the other hand, coming from Val di Funes or Bressanone/Brixen, it is possible to leave the car at the Russis crossroads, from where the track up to Passo delle Erbe begins.

Cross-country skiing in Val Badia

Other equally noteworthy tracks can be reached by car or ski bus, starting from Passo delle Erbe:

1) The San Vigilio cross-country track, which is 23 km long and takes you into the Mareo Valley, through meadows and forests, far from noise and stress.

2) Cross-country skiing is also possible at the foot of the majestic Sass dla Crusc, on the Armentara meadows, where there are three trails of varying length.

The equipment for this sport varies slightly according to the two techniques, the classic or skating technique. The former is suitable for those approaching this sport for the first time, as well as for those who want to discover the Dolomite landscapes at a relaxed pace. The movement, very similar to walking, involves letting the skis glide along prepared channels. Skating, on the other hand, requires more balance and coordination and is reminiscent of the movement of ice skating.

In short, for those looking for peace and quiet in winter, but who do not want to give up physical activity in the open air, cross-country skiing is just the right activity. A complete and varied sport that, in addition to excellent physical benefits, also has positive effects on the mind.

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