Sunset Secrets

Sunset Secrets

“There is nothing more musical than a sunset." - Claude Debussy

March has arrived, and with it the sunset aperitifs at Ütia de Börz.
The days get longer, the temperatures rise, nature awakens, the landscape is wonderful and the sun leaves late: it's spring, nature's adolescence begins. We welcome it with open arms as well as we welcome you all to our terrace at the foot of the majestic Pütia, our silent guardian.
Live music, cocktails, lights, colors and an unforgettable atmosphere are awaiting you in our refuge.
There are many good stories to tell, and just as many good stories to write, but the sunset at the Ütia de Börz is different: the colors that light up the back of the Pütia are a story to be lived.

A delicious breakfast awaits you at 2006 m.!

A rich selection of sweet and savoury specialities, from alpine cheeses and local cold cuts to fresh fruit and eggs to be enjoyed in our cozy stube.
For a great start to the circular hiking tour around Sass Putia!

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